The Priority of Church Attendance

On Mothers' Day, I shared how I believe church attendance should not be one option on the smorgasbord of many options on a Sunday morning. I stated that it is vital that parents develop a commitment to church attendance that will be an example to their children. Below is an article, that came out last week, by Dr. Mike Fabarez that is one of the best statements on the priority of church attendance that I have every read.

Pastor Fabarez, another Talbot Seminary grad, is one of the best exegetical preachers out there. Please read his article. Also, please read my closing remarks.


Over the years I have been hesitant about expressing the priority of church attendance (to a fault) for fear of sounding legalistic or self-serving. But as with all spiritual disciplines, there should be balance. For example, we all need vacation time away, etc. Some Sundays a crisis may occur and we may need to address that crisis immediately.  On the other hand, we can develop a causal approach to being with God's people on Sunday which is clearly contrary to the Word of God.