Connected By Our Roots

"On the contrary, it is much truer that the members of the body which seem to be weaker are necessary;"
(I Corinthians 12:22)

During one of our summer vacations, we ventured up to northern California to see the giant sequoia trees which are unimaginable in size.  These trees are so big that you can actually drive a car under the base of some. I am sure you have seen pictures of them.  From the first glance you think, the roots of these trees must grow deep in order to hold up such a magnanimous tree. The surprising reality is that their roots grow very shallow, barely below the surface.  So the immediate question is how can they withstand any significant degree of wind and remain standing?

The answer is that sequoia trees only grow in groves and that their roots intertwine under the surface of the earth.  The roots of each tree reach out to the others forming a network of strength. When the strong winds come, they hold each other up.  In a sense, these giant sequoia trees with their roots intertwine, paint a picture of the Church, the Body of Christ. We, as believers, are rooted together in Christ.  When the strong winds of life blow in our lives, we need the reinforcement of other believers to help hold us up.

This is why the verse above states that every member of the Body of Christ is important.  Every Christian has significance and a role in God's church.  As we experience genuine community with one another, we are able to infuse strength and encouragement to each other.  It may not be evident to you, especially if you feel unnoticed, unappreciated, or unwanted, but you are a vital part of the Body of Christ....and a vital part of our Church family.

This all translates to the simple fact that we all need each other. You need someone and someone needs you! You need the church family and the church family needs you.  No one Christian can be an island unto himself/herself. As we face the strong winds of life, we need to lean and we need support. We need to reach out and embrace. We need to give and take. We need to confess and forgive.  We need to risk and receive.  You see, Christians rooted together, are not easily uprooted. 

Never forget, isolation is a potent killer.  Our involvement is not simply an enjoyable luxury for those who have time on their hands. It is essential for survival. 

As I have encouraged you in our series on core values, join a small group this year if you have not already.  Find people with whom you can share your life struggles and find that love, acceptance and accountability that we all need.  The place this is most apt to happen is in a small group within our church family. 

Let's begin the year by everyone participating in these upcoming events.  Through God's grace and Holy Spirit, let's experience community together.  If you are not a part of these fun events - you will be missed.  IT ALL BEGINS THIS WEEKEND with our "Invite One (i1) Sunday" and potluck!