Will You Make A Difference?

Whether, then, you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.
I Corinthians 10:31

On Monday, August 9, 1993, a 31 year-old woman, Sopehia Mardress White, burst into the hospital nursery at USC Medical Center in Los Angeles, wielding a .38 caliber handgun.  She had come gunning for Elizabeth Staten, a nurse whom she accused of stealing her husband.  White fired six shots, hitting Staten in the wrist and stomach.

Staten fled, and White chased her into the emergency room, firing once more.  There, with blood on her clothes and a hot pistol in her hand, the attacker was met by another nurse, Joan Black, who did the unthinkable.  Black walked calmly to the gun-toting woman and hugged her.

Black spoke comforting words. The assailant said she didn't have anything to live for, that Staten had stolen her family. "You're in pain," Black said.  "I'm sorry, but everybody has pain in their life... I understand, and we can work it out."

As they talked, the hospital invader kept her finger on the trigger.  Once she began to lift the gun as though she would shoot herself.  Nurse Black just pushed her arm down and continued to hold her.  At last Sopehia White gave the gun to the nurse.  She was disarmed by a hug, by understanding, by compassion. Black later told an AP reporter, "I saw a sick person and had to take care of her."

Nurse Black dared to make a difference in the life of one distraught lady. Nurse Black was willing to take a risk to make that difference. Today there are countless needy people in each of our worlds of influence who need someone with the life-changing news of Christ to take the risk of entering their world of pain. Many are people without Christ. Some are believers who have never been properly taught and equipped to live a successful Christian life.

Making a difference in our worlds of influence begins with identifying our purpose for living. The verse above states it very clearly. Our purpose is to glorify God in this world...in your world.  Jesus was more direct in saying, "Having gone into the world, make disciples..."

Life without purpose, simply allows us to be adrift in a sea of endless busyness without a rudder. Luigi Pirandello once said, "Life is little more than a loan shark; it exacts a very high rate of interest for the few pleasures it concedes."  Pirandello is a man without purpose and meaning in life.  Such life without purpose often becomes a life of quiet desperation.

Bob Pierce began World Vision, a hunger relief organization, because he saw individuals who were hungry and cold. Bob Pierce's motto became, "May my heart be broken with the things that break God's heart."

That should be every Christian's motto.  That should be at the core of our purpose to glorify God.  Let me challenge you to stop each day and take another look at those in your world.  Beyond the daily list of things to get done, ask the question, into whom's life can I make a difference?  Who needs a Christ-hug today?  If you do, here is my guarantee. Christ will be glorified in you and you will end your day much more fulfilled....It's a guarantee!