Abortion: The Appalling Sin Of Our Nation

In recent days we have seen a movement in our society that is incredibly appalling. New York passes legislation that allows one to abort (kill) the baby in the mother's womb right up to the time of birth. Then a Virginia legislator offers a bill that will allow a baby to be born and then, the doctor and mother determine whether the baby will be killed. Thankfully, that bill was defeated. This is just unbelievable! The fact that people, especially leaders of our states, are even thinking this is beyond appalling.  Every Christian in this nation should be outraged by such things.  My heart is broken. I know my Lord's is. 

If you study history and particularly the progression of thinking among nations who started with abortion, you will see that the final stage of this thinking is the deciding who among the elderly are qualified to live. This is known as euthanasia. Of course, we know that only God has the right to make that decision.

Our nation needs much prayer. Please pray for our nation. Especially pray for a spiritual revival. The only way to change this is by the King reigning in the hearts of men and women.