Marriage - Built to Last

There are approximately 107 million married people in the United States, and most of them are aching for a better marriage. They desperately want their primary love relationship to be deeper, stronger, and more fulfilling. They want to feel a deeper bond with their mate, more consistently in sync. They crave to know in their heart of hearts that their marriage is on its way to being healthier and more exciting–maybe even great. However, recent research has proven that only 6 out of every 100 couples are considered happily married.

Why is that? First, there is a lack of understanding about what the marriage covenant means. Secondly, many people learn about marriage from illegitimate sources such as media/Hollywood, friends, and the home in which they grew up. Few couples begin marriage with a deep understanding of God’s blueprint for marriage. Because of that, for many marriages, the duet has become a duel, holy wedlock has become holy deadlock. Even marriages that start out with great promise seem to hit autopilot past 50 years of age. The excitement has been replaced with boredom and the romance has been replaced with disappointment…sometimes even grief.

This is why I think it is important to have a ministry to the family beginning with marriages. The Christian marriage has the greatest potential for good and yet also for evil. The world takes note when they see a marriage that is radically different and attractive. Therefore, Christian marriages should reflect the beauty and glory of the Lord through that relationship.

This is also why I am excited about the opportunity to do another message series entitled, “Marriage—Built to Last.” I personally believe that marriage, even for those 50 and above, can be exciting. Christians should not feel that they have to settle for less than the best…or that it has to be boring.

In this series we will be looking at things such as, “What is love from God’s perspective?” We will talk about how to restore lost love. This one is especially for those over 50. I have found that there is not much written for marriages over 50 and yet, it seems there is an enormous number of couples who are looking for something to re-ignite lost love. We will address this issue along with the issues of communication and roadblocks to communication. “Seven components needed for healing marital relations” will be another great study. One topic that always gets a lot of attention is the topic of how to handle conflict or what I call, “How to have a good fight.”