The Forgotten Treasure

The recovery of long-lost truth is as exciting and rewarding as the discovery of a buried treasure. It even precipitates a “gold rush” of sorts, with many rushing to launch a caravan to the field of discovery. Others take off helter-skelter, hoping, with a minimum of equipment, to scrounge a nugget or two before the riches are gone.

As in all the gold rushes of history, only a fortunate few ever strike it rich. Usually they are the early-comers or those who ignore the surface riches and seek diligently for the “mother lode” until they unearth it.

The whole subject of spiritual gifts is the forgotten treasure of the church. The church has been impoverished by the prevailing ignorance and undiscovered truth about these spiritual riches.

Twenty-five to thirty years ago there was an awakening concerning spiritual gifts. But since then, spiritual gifts for many churches have become the forgotten treasure. Where there is a focus on such, seemingly, much of it is out of balance or unenlightened. Consequently, few believers today know or understand the treasure God has planted in their being.

This Sunday I begin a new series entitled, “Gifted For His Glory.” I am excited about doing this series. About two months ago I felt God impressing upon me that this was the series that is most needed at this time in our church. As Debbie and I got away to The Cove in North Carolina I spent some time asking God to affirm that impression. When we arrived home, I sensed God had indeed affirmed that.

I believe it is vitally important to know how God has gifted you and how that giftedness makes you a candidate for noble purposes. Equally, I believe that if we take this to heart and pray, God will infuse our church with renewed power. I am looking forward to see what God is going to do through this series.