Close Encounters

What was it like to be around Jesus? What kind of person was He? How did He deal with the problems of life? How did He deal with unusual people–people with unusual backgrounds, circumstances or needs? How did He speak to the common person on the street? How did He view people and circumstances differently from the way we often do?

This Sunday I begin a new series entitled, “Close Encounters With Jesus.” I am excited because I believe we will get a fresh new view of the heart and mind of Jesus.

In this new series, we will study the conversations Jesus had with the men and women He met. In short, I am not looking for Jesus the great teacher or Jesus and his disciples but for Jesus and the common person. What was it like for the common person or even downtrodden to have a close encounter with Jesus? How did Jesus respond in contrast to what would be a natural human response? Were His responses “outside of the box” or were they predictable?

There is no better place to answer those questions than in the book of Luke. In this series, we will walk through the book of Luke and look at eight close encounters that people had with Jesus. I am confident God will give us new insights in to how God works and even deals with people including His children.

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