Getting Started...

Well, it seems that everyone has a blog, facebook and twitter just to name a few. When it comes to the church and the church blog, I do not want to waste people’s time.  However, there are times that I am so enthralled by a passage or a portion of a book that I am reading that I want to share it especially with those that God has given me a degree of responsibility to shepherd and mentor.  It is for that use that I will, from time to time, post something of significance with which God has touched my life  or encouraged my heart. I hope that it will be of some benefit.  For those who would like to have a closer look into the thinking of their pastor-teacher, this should do that.

A book that has really spoken to me of recent is Gary Thomas’  Seeking the Face of God. I am amazed at this man’s insight as well as deep research. One of the predominent charateristics of the book is that the  church fathers of the first several centuries are profusely quoted.   In many of the upcoming blogs I hope to share some of the great insights from this book.  Here is a great quote from the book.

“John of the Cross, a monk who lived in the sixteenth century, spoke often of  ‘divine union,’  a sort of spiritual marriage    one experiences only after traveling through the ‘dark night of the soul,’  a particularly difficult stage of the spiritual journey.  The ‘divine union’  calls for the renunciation of everything else  so one may be completely and utterly devoted to God. The union is not achieved in a day or even in a decade, wrote John.  It requires a lifetime of service and dedication, and even then its achievement is not guaranteed.”

One of the things that impresses me throughout this book is how deeply “The Ancients”  thought and processed truth….so much different than what seems to be common Christian thought today.