Marriage Counseling

Many marriages hit rough roads periodically. When that happens, couples often feel that they have hit an impasse.  It is at that moment that couples experience a great sense of hopelessness concerning their marriage.  We are happy to say that we can help when those difficult days occur. Dr. Byron Morgan, our Senior Pastor, holds a doctorate in Marriage and Family Ministries (and counseling). He has had many years of experience in helping couples. He can help you examine the causes of your struggle and how to take steps to move through the communicative process and achieve restoration in your relationship.

You may call the office (770-422-9335) to set up a preliminary interview by phone with Dr. Morgan.

Premarital Counseling

The percentage of couples getting married who have had premarital counseling is very low. Such, we believe, contributes to the high divorce rate today.  We believe strongly that we are about building Christian marriages. Therefore, at Mountain View, we require all those who are getting married in the church to have five sessions of premarital counseling with Dr. Morgan.  Also, as a service to the community, we do offer premarital counseling to those outside the church.*

*It should be noted that in order to be married at Mountain View the couple must be a regular attender of Mountain View Church.